Augmented reading

Linkgua is an AI tool that enables readers to immediately find related content, videos, and high-interest products without leaving the page or using the keyboard. Publishers get more engagement and get new sources of monetization.

Affiliate Marketing / Monetization

It is a platform to help content creators and publishers increase their profits by creating, in real time, dynamic links to products that generate sales commissions.

Suggested contents

Based on the contextual analysis of the publications and the interactions of the readers, suggests other content precisely according to their interests. Thus, in an intuitive environment, readers access the most attractive information for them in one click.

Custom Videos

Turns publications into a multimedia experience based on the interests of readers and consumer trends, detecting videos related to the contents of the publication. It also allows you to set filters to optimize the results of the videos and promote your own YouTube and Vimeo channels, or whatever you decide.

Big Data

Our analytics process the pages and their most relevant keywords in parallel. Thus, they detect and enhance the use of those words, content and categories that generate the most traffic and engagement, identifying the brands, products and content of most interest to their audience and their affiliate marketing campaigns.


Easy installation

Installing Linkgua is very simple and does not interfere with your page, nor with your other campaigns and links. You simply insert an embed code and you are ready to use it.

On any device

Works on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.



Support all the time

We support you with real people, who want to help you have the best experience.

Improve your reading experience and optimize your Affiliate Marketing with Linkgua

Linkgua is a state-of-the-art tool to make your content profitable.

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