eleconomista.com.mx Se espera que los compradores globales gasten un 20% más en línea en 2021 que el año pasado, según un informe de Adobe publicado el martes, lo que agregará probablemente presión a las cadenas de suministro mientras luchan por mantenerse al día con un aumento en la demanda. Leer más

retailactual.com El «Shoppertainment» es un concepto que desdibuja los límites entre el comercio electrónico, el entretenimiento y el día a día, involucrando a los consumidores en una experiencia inmersiva e interactiva con la transmisión en directo de eventos, imágenes, vídeos y juegos interactivos, para finalmente impulsar las compras. Leer más

emarketer.com E- commerce monetization opportunities for publishers are expanding. Publisher revenues from ecommerce now include commissions and fees generated from affiliate or partner marketing content, curated ecommerce marketplaces, and branded merchandise. Read more

digiday.com Digital and data-driven marketing strategies aren’t new. But at this year’s virtual South by Southwest festival, there was a lot of talk about how those strategies are changing to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Read more

business2community.com It doesn’t matter if you sell men’s designer clothing, books, or beauty products; there are some items that some people want and others definitely don’t. See if you can segment your email list into groups of people who have similar purchase histories so you can target them with special deals. Read more

signalscv.com Your promotion will gain more traction if both you and your affiliate parner are targeting the same audience, because you are effectively doubling your chance to reach new audiences who, crucially, will be interested in what you have to promote or sell. Read more

appinventiv.com Artificial Intelligence has also made a similar impression on the business world. The technology, in the form of Chatbot, has revamped the traditional businesses and upgraded the customer experience. It has established itself as a core part of every business – be it finance, travel, retail, healthcare, real estate, or mobile apps. Read more

ft.com Is this revolutionary? Not yet. The transactions were a small pilot and only took place because the Securities and Exchange Commission granted to blockchain specialist Paxos a temporary “no action” letter, meaning the innovation was tolerated but not formally approved. Read more

vanityfair.com NFTs are a flashy new digital trend geared toward the über-rich. But some experts hope to harness their blockchain technology to prove the origins of artifacts taken by European nations—and potentially upend the stagnated pecking order of the art world. Read more

lavozdegalicia.es ¿Fascinante o inquietante? Tal vez los dos adjetivos sean correctos. Todas estas piezas digitales son accesibles para el resto del mundo. Pueden ser reproducidas y copiadas con facilidad. Lo único que han conseguido los nuevos dueños de estos carísimos NFT es un certificado de propiedad y originalidad. Leer más

elmundo.es En el día a día de los ciudadanos, la inteligencia artificial ha demostrado su progresiva implantación sobre todo mediante sus aplicaciones derivadas para la voz. La tecnología consiste en la imitación de funciones cognitivas humanas por parte de máquinas, y pocas actividades lo representan de momento mejor que un asistente virtual. Leer más

analyticsinsight.net It’s time to welcome AI analytics and retire big data dashboards. While we’re all accustomed to traditional BI tools, AI analytics can uncover hidden opportunities within data, that humans simply cannot. General business intelligence tools cannot keep up with the pace of modern-day businesses; the information they provide is too late. Let’s understand the shortcomings of big data dashboards to access why AI analytics can provide more accurate real-time. Read

iproup.com La inteligencia artificial, el big data, y el analytics son herramientas fundamentales a la hora de establecer una buena estrategia de marketing en tu empresa. Pero sólo si se usan en forma equilibrada, con un objetivo común para el enfoque empresarial. Leer más

dealerworld.es El ecosistema es complejo y depende mucho en qué vertiente se quiera especializar cada científico de datos. Y la curva de aprendizaje y la ruta formativa de los científicos de datos no se reduce a un único curso o máster en IA, sino que requiere de otras muchas competencias, en una carrera que no termina nunca. Leer más

ksusentinel.com The report on Artificial Intelligence in Big Data Analytics and IoT Market studies the strategy pattern adopted by outstanding Global players also, the report estimates market size in terms of revenue (USD MN) for the forecast amount. All information and figures involving proportion shares, splits, and breakdowns are determined by secondary sources and verified through primary sources. Read more

forbes.com Until now, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the fashion industry has focused mostly on streamlining processes and increasing sales conversion.  Areas which have traditionally taken precedence have been: finding efficiencies through automation, detecting product defects and counterfeit goods with image recognition and increasing sales conversion through personalised styling. Read more

techxplore.com Over the past few decades, artificial intelligence (AI) tools have been used to analyze data or complete basic tasks in an increasing number of fields, ranging from computer science to manufacturing, medicine, physics, biology and even artistic disciplines. Researchers at University of Michigan have recently been investigating the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in architecture. Read more

techtimes.com AI (artificial intelligence) is being used for various purposes. Some companies, businesses, and agencies are using this technology to improve their products, such as gadgets and even military equipment.  And now, AI is getting more popular when it comes to photo and video editing. Previously, a tech expert was able to use Tom Cruise’s face using deepfake AI. Read more

nytimes.com Sometimes it feels that people talk about artificial intelligence as if it’s a magic potion. Yes. The original sin of the A.I. pioneers was that they called it artificial intelligence. When we hear the term, we imagine a computer that can do anything people can do. That wasn’t the case in the 1950s, and it’s not true now. Read more

finance.yahoo.com A growing number of third-party specialists drilling down on every aspect of the e-commerce process are helping brands compete — from cloud-based e-commerce platforms to last-mile delivery experts. Read more