expansion.mx Los icónicos hologramas que en la saga de fantasía transmitían algún mensaje para los miembros del Imperio, o de la República, están sirviendo de inspiración para la educación. Pensar que de manera remota puedes tener un profesor en tu casa, o tomar algún curso usando herramientas como realidad virtual están siendo opciones para seguir educándose. Leer más

nytimes.com Many of us already live with artificial intelligence now, but researchers say interactions with the technology will become increasingly personalized. Read more

expansion.mx La IA puede incrementar la seguridad de alimentos y productos, o establecer el precio de venta más conveniente para algunos bienes. La adopción de tecnologías disruptivas ya marca la pauta a seguir en casi todos los ámbitos del mundo moderno. Leer más

analyticsinsight.net Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a transformative force over the past few decades driving innovations and leading us towards a better tomorrow by mirroring human intelligence. Read more

enterprisersproject.com How can you prepare for a reality where bad actors use Artificial Intelligence technology to cause disruption? How can you prepare for a reality where bad actors use Artificial Intelligence technology to cause disruption? The good news is AI can help you bolster your security against such threats. Read more

gizmodo.com Epic Games ha lanzado un adelanto de su nueva herramienta de creación para Unreal Engine, la cual promete reducir drásticamente el tiempo necesario para crear humanos digitales de apariencia realista. Leer más

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nytimes.com Machine-learning algorithms seem to have insinuated their way into every human activity short of toenail clipping and dog washing, although the tech giants may have solutions in the works for both. If Alexa knows anything about such projects, she’s not saying. Read more

businessinsider.com In the last decade, marketers have embraced the value of creating and distributing content to different audiences asa means of driving engagement, building authority in an industry, and guiding consumers through the purchasing process. Read more

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nytimes.com This year, the technologies that we will most likely hear the most about won’t be fancy devices like smartphones or big-screen television sets. It will be the stuff we don’t usually see: workhorse software and internet products that are finding their moment now. Read more

fortune.com Back in April, when the pandemic was at its peak in many parts of the world, I spoke to Ahmer Inam, the chief A.I. officer at Pactera Edge, a technology consulting firm in Redmond, Washington. At the time, Inam was focused on how the pandemic was wreaking havoc with A.I. models trained from historical data. Read more

eurekalert.org The European Research Council (ERC) will fund the development of an innovative platform incorporating the IIASA crowdsourcing game Picture Pile. IIASA Strategic Initiatives Program Director Steffen Fritz will lead the project. Rapid advances in computing power, the availability of big data, and improvements in machine learning algorithms mean artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world as we know it. Computer vision, which entails AI technology allowing computers to understand