As those in data science know, datasets are necessary to build a machine learning project. The dataset is used to train the machine learning model and is an integral part of  creating an efficient and accurate system. If your dataset is noise-free (noisy data is meaningless or corrupt) and standard, your system will be more reliable. But the most critical part is identifying datasets that are relevant to your The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a somewhat catch-all term that refers to the different possibilities offered by recent technological developments. From machine learning to natural language processing, news organisations can use AI to automate a huge number of tasks that make up the chain of journalistic production, including detecting, extracting and verifying data, producing stories and graphics, publishing (with sorting, selection and prioritisation filters) and automatically tagging articles. AI/ML helps developers create better and lower-cost IoT end nodes that will benefit an ecosystem where their products exist. The benefits of AI/ML are far deeper than simply that of better decision-making in the end node; some optimizations come about bringing valuable benefits to all involved, including the consumer, the developer, and the operator. Read more Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an integral part of the tech world. It is revolutionizing science, healthcare and our daily lives more than we would have imagined. From speech recognition and chatbots to self-driving cars, deep AI is playing a pivotal role. Although AI is the future of the world, training AI algorithms still depend on powerful computers, which consume significant energy and emit considerable carbon emissions. Read more Artificial intelligence in retail can be defined as the process of gathering and analyzing massive amounts of data that help companies to create personalized shopping experiences for customers via recommendation engines, highly structured web shops, intelligent in-store bots and chatbots. Read more While consensus starts to form around the impact that AI will have on humankind, civil society, the public and the private sector alike are increasing their requests for accountability and trust-building. Ethical considerations such as AI bias (by race, gender, or other criteria), and algorithmic transparency (clarity on the rules and methods by which machines make decisions) have already negatively impacted society through the technologies we use daily. Read Se espera que los compradores globales gasten un 20% más en línea en 2021 que el año pasado, según un informe de Adobe publicado el martes, lo que agregará probablemente presión a las cadenas de suministro mientras luchan por mantenerse al día con un aumento en la demanda. Leer más En el día a día de los ciudadanos, la inteligencia artificial ha demostrado su progresiva implantación sobre todo mediante sus aplicaciones derivadas para la voz. La tecnología consiste en la imitación de funciones cognitivas humanas por parte de máquinas, y pocas actividades lo representan de momento mejor que un asistente virtual. Leer más Sometimes it feels that people talk about artificial intelligence as if it’s a magic potion. Yes. The original sin of the A.I. pioneers was that they called it artificial intelligence. When we hear the term, we imagine a computer that can do anything people can do. That wasn’t the case in the 1950s, and it’s not true now. Read more In a perfect world, what you see is what you get. If this were the case, the job of artificial intelligence systems would be refreshingly straightforward. Take collision avoidance systems in self-driving cars. If visual input to on-board cameras could be trusted entirely, an AI system could directly map that input to an appropriate action — steer right, steer left, or continue straight — to avoid hitting a pedestrian Strategic collaboration looks to AI and machine learning to turbocharge the effectiveness of the design process. Like many progressive manufacturers, Rolls-Royce works with large amounts of expensive data, and the use of AI and advanced data analytics have been at the heart of its business for more than 20 years. As part of its IntelligentEngine vision, this collaboration aims to connect AI and engineering even closer to derive business value. This emphasizes the importance for designers and developers to guide, curate, test and verifyAI’s output. Because AI is a tool that amplifies intent, we must be careful and consider possibly harmful outcomes. We must have strong AI ethics and have a strong set of AI-driven design principles that will guide us. Read more Los icónicos hologramas que en la saga de fantasía transmitían algún mensaje para los miembros del Imperio, o de la República, están sirviendo de inspiración para la educación. Pensar que de manera remota puedes tener un profesor en tu casa, o tomar algún curso usando herramientas como realidad virtual están siendo opciones para seguir educándose. Leer más Herramientas como el Deep Learning, los chatbots o el análisis predictivo conseguirán afianzar las ventas de un negocio y aumentarlas de manera exponencial, permitiendo al empresario conocer mejor a sus clientes, mejorar las estrategias de venta y aportar una mayor seguridad a su página web y plataformas de pago. Leer más Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines to perform certain tasks, which need the intelligence showcased by humans and animals. This definition is often ascribed to Marvin Minsky and John McCarthy from the 1950s, who were also known as the fathers of the field. Read more Many of us already live with artificial intelligence now, but researchers say interactions with the technology will become increasingly personalized. Read more La IA puede incrementar la seguridad de alimentos y productos, o establecer el precio de venta más conveniente para algunos bienes. La adopción de tecnologías disruptivas ya marca la pauta a seguir en casi todos los ámbitos del mundo moderno. Leer más Remember, there is no AI without IA. Make sure that information architecture works and your AI will function appropriately. At one time, eCommerce was simply about customers finding what they wanted to buy. Today, there are so many items available – and so much information available to customers – that eCommerce must be smarter than ever before. Read more In the world of digital advertising, there isn’t a more complex character than affiliate marketing. It has an interesting origin, a fall from grace, a self-betterment era and a current-day redemption quest. Read more Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a transformative force over the past few decades driving innovations and leading us towards a better tomorrow by mirroring human intelligence. Read more