digiday.com Marketers at e-commerce startups say they’re increasingly using text messages to promote new sales or product launches. That’s because they are finding it more difficult to get customers to pay attention to emails, as some customers have now signed up for email updates from dozens of brands after a decade-plus of online shopping. Read more

adnews.com.au Publishers, after a uniquely difficult year, will have to double down on diversifying revenue streams in 2021, with ecommerce, partnerships and the return of live events predicted to be the biggest opportunities. The pandemic pushed advertising revenue to new lows this year, with newspaper ad spend falling 46.1% and magazines 57.4% in May, according to SMI figures. Read more

g2.com Affiliate marketing helps reduce a brand’s pressure to find the perfect spokesperson. It also increases the likelihood of success as affiliates are often vetted by networks or agencies. Unlike celebrity endorsements or influencer marketing – strategies that typically have a few people or one person acting as the face of a brand – affiliate marketing is a strategy without limits. Affiliate marketing programs allow marketers, or “affiliates,” to take their

forbes.com E-commerce business owners and affiliate marketers don’t look like a good partnership. In fact, they are mostly competitors on search engines. However, there is a way these two very different business models can not only coexist but work together and thrive. Read more

techbullion.com Artificial intelligence (AI) has crept into all corners of eCommerce, from customer support to manufacturing. Assisting teams with data analysis, predictions, efficiency, and productivity, AI is helping eCommerce companies cut costs and generate higher revenues. One of the major benefits of AI is its capacity for data analysis. Read More 

business2community.com Artificial Intelligence(AI) is leaving its footprint on every sector. Go anywhere today and you will find the adoption of AI in eCommerce. In fact, according to a recent survey, AI in eCommerce is booming at such a speed that the revenue of AI is expected to reach $36.8 Billion worldwide by 2025. Read more

yourstory.com Ecommerce is in developing trend right now. Your success in online business depends upon the type of marketing strategy you are using. The marketing strategy also evolves with the user perceptive. To reach the exact crowd, a business should adopt intelligent digital marketing. Read more

practicalecommerce.com When it comes to ecommerce, this path may take multiple exposures across a variety of sources to capture consumer awareness. Further, once the consumer is interested, he will likely research across multiple third-party sites. For an ecommerce merchant to truly understand the impact of its marketing efforts, it has to be able to fully track and attribute sales. Read more

business2community.com An ecommerce affiliate program is an agreement between you and publishers — like bloggers, other small businesses, and influencers — to share your products with their audience. When their followers buy your products, complete a lead form, or click a link, the publisher gets a commission. Read more

techbullion.com Affiliate marketing is a technique where you collaborate with influencers and bloggers to promote your products or services. Commission is paid to affiliates only when they generate a sale. Affiliate marketing is good for startups because no initial payment is required to generate sales. You pay only after you have earned profits. Moreover, affiliate marketing is also essential for ecommerce businesses especially during the Covid-19 pandemic when businesses require several affiliates

digiday.com All a publisher has to do is drop a link to a product into a piece of relevant content and wait for an interested consumer to come along and bite. Any sales lead to a small commission for the publisher without them having to lift a finger to package up and mail out whatever product they just helped sell. Read more  

eleconomista.com.mx Se espera que los compradores globales gasten un 20% más en línea en 2021 que el año pasado, según un informe de Adobe publicado el martes, lo que agregará probablemente presión a las cadenas de suministro mientras luchan por mantenerse al día con un aumento en la demanda. Leer más

retailactual.com El «Shoppertainment» es un concepto que desdibuja los límites entre el comercio electrónico, el entretenimiento y el día a día, involucrando a los consumidores en una experiencia inmersiva e interactiva con la transmisión en directo de eventos, imágenes, vídeos y juegos interactivos, para finalmente impulsar las compras. Leer más

emarketer.com E- commerce monetization opportunities for publishers are expanding. Publisher revenues from ecommerce now include commissions and fees generated from affiliate or partner marketing content, curated ecommerce marketplaces, and branded merchandise. Read more

digiday.com Digital and data-driven marketing strategies aren’t new. But at this year’s virtual South by Southwest festival, there was a lot of talk about how those strategies are changing to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Read more

business2community.com It doesn’t matter if you sell men’s designer clothing, books, or beauty products; there are some items that some people want and others definitely don’t. See if you can segment your email list into groups of people who have similar purchase histories so you can target them with special deals. Read more

signalscv.com Your promotion will gain more traction if both you and your affiliate parner are targeting the same audience, because you are effectively doubling your chance to reach new audiences who, crucially, will be interested in what you have to promote or sell. Read more

finance.yahoo.com A growing number of third-party specialists drilling down on every aspect of the e-commerce process are helping brands compete — from cloud-based e-commerce platforms to last-mile delivery experts. Read more

digiday.com Live shopping isn’t new, but it’s evolving as content commerce strategies create new and powerful roles for brands and retailers. With shoppable content, advertisers are engaging with consumers across social media in increasingly interactive ways. Read more

inboundlogistics.com To survive—and thrive—in today’s accelerated e-commerce environment, companies are reworking fulfillment strategies and supply chain networks. These providers offer scalable solutions. Technology can help companies meet these challenges and compete in today’s omnichannel environment. Read more