Linkgua Semantic
for online archives

LKS builds a personalized universe based on the interests of your library

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LKS analyzes the keywords mentioned in your catalog, in databases or on websites selected by you

In your online library

LKS tracks and classifies large amounts of information related to your interests, the catalog of your library, and your online documents.

On the websites that you choose

Our tool analyzes the web pages that interest you. Their analytics register the most used keywords and the interaction indexes in them.

In digital documents

Connects all the information in your digital archives, taking into account meaning, your interests, and the logical links among the documents.


With LKS your digital universe becomes smart

full of meaningful relationships and organized in a unique environment

The results of this perpetual research in your area of ​​interest are within your reach without leaving your reading environment, or having to write in a search box

Real Time

LKS links your topics of interest with updated information in real time, from sources chosen by you.


Multimedia information facilitates a process of visual comprehension within a personalized universe of data related to your interests.


You will never have to type again to find what you are looking for.
Your browsing history with LKS becomes your personal reading and study guide by automatically grouping content in a simple and intuitive way.

See an example of use in a catalog of legal documents

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